Salesforce Certified Developers and Admins


Every member of our invite-only network is Salesforce certified — with dozens of certifications across our team.

Onshore Salesforce experts working from the heart of Appalachia


We’re committed to putting people in Appalachia back to work and sourcing talent from our own backyard. That means no major time zone lags or language barriers, y’all.

Onshore Salesforce Certified Developers and Administrators at half the standard rate


When it comes to cost of living, our rural communities have the Bay Area beat. So we can provide quality work — and good wages for our folks — at half the standard onshore rate.

Our story

Certified Salesforce experts working from the heart of Appalachia.

At CentralApp, our first priority is to provide top-notch support to help companies and organizations make the most of the Salesforce platform.

Our customers choose us because we offer excellent onshore Salesforce services at an affordable rate. And they like doing business with us because we're deeply committed to creating new high-tech job opportunities in rural communities. 

CentralApp was born out of the belief that talent, intellect, and drive are universally distributed --- but economic opportunity is not. To tackle that problem, we offer an apprenticeship program that provides tech and entrepreneurship training in economically challenged communities throughout the Appalachian region.

What we do

Consulting and contracting

Whether you're a Salesforce solutions company needing to flex up for a project or a Salesforce business user who needs help managing your org, we can help.

How we work

Agile and iterative

We understand that work is fast-paced and fluid --- and that your needs are constantly changing. We follow an agile development process built around close collaboration with our customers, ongoing communication, and continual improvement.

What we offer


for business users
  • Org setup and app integration
  • Configuration and customization
  • Data management
  • Start-to-finish support from a dedicated project manager


    for Salesforce solutions partners
    • Certified admins, developers, and app builders
    • Flexible professionals who can adapt to your company's workflow 
    • Experts ready to plug in to your team on demand and as needed