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"CentralApp demonstrated skill and professionalism from the very start when we hired them to customize our Salesforce implementation. They’re responsive, capable, cost-effective and reliable and now our first choice when we need additional help with Salesforce."

Jeff Freilich, Associate Director of Alliances, CSAIL
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Why hire through CentralApp?

With the demand for tech talent growing by the day, companies have to think outside of Silicon Valley for finding skilled tech workers. That's where we come in.

Workers in the Appalachian region possess the skills, work ethic, and credentials to get the job done. And with some of the lowest cost-of-living rates in the country, we can do it for a fraction of the standard cost.

Industry Vetted

Industry Vetted

Every member of our network has completed an industry-recognized training or certification program, and we hand-select candidates for employment or long-term engagements.
Onshore freelancers


We're committed to putting people in Appalachia to work and sourcing talent from our own backyard. That means no major time zone lags or language barriers, y'all.


When it comes to cost of living, our rural communities have the Bay Area beat. So we can provide quality work --- and good wages for our folks --- at a fraction of the standard onshore rate.

Our network has serious skills...

Certified Salesforce Experts

Salesforce Certification

We work with all types of tech talent, but connecting companies with Salesforce-certified professionals is our specialty.

Looking for a team to manage a short-term Salesforce project? We can staff it and even provide an expert project manager.

Need to hire a Salesforce-certified professional for contract or employment? We can connect you to the right person for the job.

Managed Salesforce Services

  • Quick Starts & Launches
  • App Building
  • Release Prep & Maintenance
  • Administration & Configuration
  • Data management & maintenance
  • Training

Contractors & Job Candidates

  • Administrators and App Builders
  • Developers
  • Service Cloud Consultants
  • Pardot Consultants
  • Cloud ERP Specialists
  • Integration Specialists

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Tech Talent Exchange

The CentralApp Talent Exchange connects companies with skilled tech workers in the Appalachian region.

Whether you're looking to set up shop  and hire a workforce in Central Appalachia or just searching for a few remote workers to support your company elsewhere, we can help you find the right folks for the job!

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