Earn your Salesforce Administrator Certification in 20 weeks or less!

The free CentralApp 20 in 2020: Salesforce Certification Challenge:

Real opportunities. Real success stories.

Have you heard of Salesforce?

It’s kind of a big deal… In fact, it’s the fourth largest software company in the world. And economists predict that over the next three years, there will be 3.3 million NEW jobs requiring Salesforce skills!

What’s the best way to start if you want to land one of them? By earning your Salesforce Administrator certification.

That’s why we’re working with state and federal agencies to help people across the Appalachian region get Salesforce certified.

The 20 in 2020: Salesforce Certification Challenge

Our 20 in 2020 Challenge is designed to help promising prospects gain their Salesforce Administrator certification in 20 weeks or less.

  • Complete our free 20-week training program.

    We'll cover the cost of a comprehensive online training program to help you learn Salesforce skills.

  • Take the test.

    We'll pay for you to take the $200 certification test.

  • Get to work and cash in.

    Individuals who complete the training and pass the test will be eligible to join the CentralApp Talent Exchange!

The CentralApp Talent Exchange connects you to Salesforce and other tech jobs. Many of which you can do from home… part-time or full-time… on your own schedule.

Sound good to you?

Here’s how to get in on this opportunity:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  First, check to see if you’re eligible.

This opportunity is only available to people living in one of the 312 counties identified by the Appalachian Regional Commission as being severely affected by the downturn in the coal industry. Check your eligibility in the FAQs below.

 Next, submit your online application.

We’re accepting up to 20 people for this program, but we are only extending this offer to the most qualified applicants. Apply now.

  Then, you may be invited to complete a short online screening test.

This test will help us identify individuals who have high potential for tech work. You don’t have to be a technology wiz, but you do have to have critical thinking skills and some technical literacy. We'll send you the link to the test once you complete the online application.

  Finally, we’ll invite you to do a short interview online through Zoom.

And after that, if you're invited to participate in the program,  you’ll have 20 weeks from the kickoff date (February 3, 2020) to complete all required online training modules and register for the Salesforce Administrator exam.

This is a great chance to learn a new skill, expand your career opportunities, and make some money along the way!


Apply now!

To be eligible to apply for the 20 in 2020 Challenge, you must…

  1. Be a U.S. citizen
  2. Be a resident of one of these 312 counties in the Appalachian region
  3. Be 18 years or older

Still have questions?

Contact us at info@centralapp.us or (304) 470-3004.

Ready to get started?

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