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Forge a New Path: Get the Training You Need to Relaunch Your Career

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#NewStoryWV There’s no doubt the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. But there is something to be said for taking the scenic route. It’s never too late to explore new interests, learn new things, or forge a new trail. Thinking about trying something new or rebooting your career? Get the skills you need to join the area’s …

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Best Apps for Freelancers

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Launching and growing your freelancing business can be exhilarating — and overwhelming. It’s up to you to create the infrastructure and support systems that are usually built into a larger office or business environment. Do you have to live in spreadsheets or buy stock in sticky notes to be productive and organized? Definitely not. There are some great apps that can help you work much smarter.

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CentralApp Trailblazers: Skye from Hurricane, WV

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#NewStoryWV For many, it’s enough to get up, go to work, go home, and repeat. West Virginia native Skye Reymond is not like many people. While juggling her full-time position as a Data Scientist, and a member of CentralApp’s Talent Exchange, Skye also takes the time to mentor other people in the state’s growing tech field. The Marshall University and …

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Overview: Salesforce CPQ Certification Exam

In Tech Learning by Jessica Vodden

How to prepare for the Salesforce CPQ Quote-to-Cash Process Certification Exam Anyone with experience taking Salesforce certification exams knows that it is not a simple undertaking. To earn these in-demand — and well-respected — credentials, professionals must study hard and learn Salesforce’s tools inside and out.

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Bright Ideas: 100 Day Challenge

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  #NewStoryWV This past Spring, we issued a challenge to people throughout West Virginia ’97 and the entire Appalachian region: earn your Salesforce Administrator certification in 100 days or less, and we’92ll pay for it. This challenge was born from the belief that people in this region have the resourcefulness and work ethic to excel in the incredibly fast-growing tech …