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Operation Rural Tech: Thinking Bigger

In Industry Insights, Instagram, Trailblazers by Jessica Vodden

We need to shake off this imposter syndrome and remember who we are: proud, creative, resilient, and brave mountaineers who can build or fix anything. Who aren’t afraid to blaze trails and trod where others haven’t. And who don’t give a damn about others’ opinions of us, because we believe in ourselves and each other.

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Operation Rural Tech — The Idea

In Instagram, News by Jessica Vodden

Our country has been divided too long, and this difficult year has only widened the gulf between rural and urban communities. I believe if we can work together — literally work together — by connecting rural people to urban economies, we’re more likely to find common ground and shared understanding. The tech economy has created unprecedented opportunity and prosperity…for some.
As Brad Smith, former CEO of Intuit and a native West Virginian is fond of saying, “Talent is equally distributed. Unfortunately, economic opportunity has not been.”